Thursday, March 5, 2009


While we were cruising in the Mombasa area I did wonder how likely pirate attacks might be, given that we were just south of their hunting grounds. Then today I read the Daily Mail article about about the attempted assault on the Balmoral cruise ship off Somalia. It seems that the British ship had effective pre-set strategies for protecting itself and its passengers and that these maintained the safety of everyone on board in a nerve-racking incident.

It made me wonder how Costa's leadership might have handled such an event. The way that they harrassed individuals who tried to organise and coordinate the passenger protests and yet hid away from the mass meetings gives me little confidence that they'd have been much use at all when confronted with real pirates, i.e. they're strong with the weak and weak with the strong.

For some reason, that ludicrous waving of white napkins that they get up to at mealtimes when they play 'Volare' came to mind. And volare, research now tells me, means 'to fly'. Well, well, well.

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