Friday, March 6, 2009

'Passengers pick their worst cruise lines'

On 7th February The Daily Telegraph published an article entitled, 'Passengers pick their worst cruise lines'. Tomorrow, in the Travel section, there'll be an article about our cruise - make sure you buy a copy to reward the journalist, Oliver Smith, for his interest in our plight!
The 7th February article quotes passenger ratings on the most popular cruislines, and this is how they came out (ratings are out of 5): Cunard 4.36; Royal Caribbean 4.15; Princess Cruises 4.08; Thomson Cruises 4.06; P&O Cruises 3.93; Celebrity Cruises 3.93; Fred Olsen 3.90; NCL Cruises 3.56; Costa Cruises 3.25; MSC Cruises 2.83. The last two are Italian. It's been put to me that maybe they should stick to Operas and Pasta *, and leave cruising to the experts, i.e. the British.

* Actually, judging from the Orion restaurant, even Italian pasta isn't up to much - meal after meal it arrived luke warm and congealed

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