Friday, March 6, 2009

They still don't realise

At 9am GMT today the Europa was about 400 kilometres east of Mombasa and pretty much on schedule. Even though they'll be 'stir crazy' on their second consecutive day at sea (and their third in the six days since they joined the ship!) they'll probably still be cheerful about what's ahead - poor things :o(


  1. Having checked the official costa site at 10 am today, the Costa Europa is travelling at 11 knots. The on board cameras do not show land being visible (which would be a genuine reason for the half speed). Curiously that was our speed on just one functioning engine! I wonder!! Didn't we slow down at about the same time (I know I first noticed it one morning en route to Mombasa but maybe it was a day earlier). Could the extract from the site be posted on this blog as it may serve as evidence that the Europa is crocked & may help all our claims.

  2. Further to my earlier post above, at 10:50 GMT today, the Europa's speed had increased to a lightening fast 12 Knots!!

    The official Costa site states the boats top speed to be about 20 knots & cruising speed as 19.

    I don't have the information with me at present, but from memory, the distance from Mahe to Mombasa was about 1000 nautical miles. No doubt the mathematicians will be able to do a calculation as to when, at current speed, Europa will reach Mombasa & what the delay is likely to be.

    Any mathematicians out there?