Sunday, March 8, 2009

Costa Claim....

I have been asked by a number of passengers (ship mates), whether we are to just wait until we have had an answer to our demands.

The answer is NO

What I am draughting and will be sending to Costa is on behalf of the 1800 (maybe 1 or 2 less) our claim for compensation in bulk.....

We cannot stop there...
We must all as individuals send in our own claim for compensation to our own travel arranger, plus a copy direct to Costa, listing all the complaints we have about the Cruise..
If anyone is in any doubt how to word this, please email to me on and I shall send a couple of ideas to you by return...

I have heard from 1 ship mate that their arranger has washed their hands of any claim saying it not their position to claim on behalf of their customer...... then who is ?? (this was vacations to go).. I have recieved copy of their letter staing this...
I for one have sent an individual letter of complaint and claim for compensation and refund to (my travel arranger) and had recieved a phone call same day from them clarifying certain points, with the promise of following this up for me. I recieved an email from Costa the next day confirming reciept of this.... Hooray for the reliable travel agents in the UK.
Thanks 1st4cruising

Please contact me on if you have any other questions or other stories..

I await your comments
From your ship mate, Terry

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  1. Hello Terry,
    as Slow learner the genius openly states in one of his posts, (I just make a copy and paste) "The hostile comments on the blog - I routinely delete them ;o) - are probably from Costa employees". I acknowledge the degree of democracy of this blog, that seems to me more a blog of hoolygans, than a blog of gentlemen. Having said this, I know dozens of people who have advise different from yours, but:
    1. Unfortunately we don't have all the spare time you ans Slow learner the genius have, to spend hours in this issue. Sorry, there are people who have a life
    2. There is no point of posting comments different from the "holygans line" as they are - as openly admitted - deleted.
    so, we don't have any other alternative than to say good luck.