Sunday, March 8, 2009

Europa position

As of this time the Europa seems to be fairly on time sailing between Mombassa and Nosey b Madagasgar.
I am pleased for the sake of the new passengers currently sailing on her....
I just hope that all the other complaints have been rectified for them too.

The current position is Latitude 10* 7' 4" S
Logtitude 44*58'7" E


  1. joanne.sorry i have been asleep for a week,from that terrible cruise,i will add my comments asap

  2. I have emailed Virgin to ask for the address to send complaints and there was no word of an apology. I hope we have more luck than some of the other passengers

  3. I am astonished! I was on the cruise, which is attacked, the one where we did not called at Madagascar, where the engine broke, where reunion was missing...When at first I saw the british gentleman who probably start this blog up, on the theatre, explaining he would have follow the entire situation up, most of guests thought: "He should thank costa for giving him the opportunity to do something and to have something to talk about, maybe he's life is very boaring...don't know" But I honestly could not envisage to which extent this costa cruise gave to many people the opportunity to have something to discuss. When I was on the cruise, which have polluted not really by the costa failures, but by those who continuously, 24h a day, complain about everything (these are the same people who complain every minute in their daily life, about traffic, about whether, about system, about politics, about ...all), I realised how crazy the human gendre could be. There were people who said the engine failure was not true, then when the sea breeze was against us, the same people said was not a matter of sea breeze but the engine were still broken, then they propose to call journalists in reunion, then they propose to attend naked to the cockatail of the captain, then they propose to avoid shaking hand to the captain, then they claim for 300€ + 600€ instead of 300 or 600, and when finally costa accepted, was still not enough....My goodness. But is there really something who can believe, that journalists or anybody else, can be interested if some 1000 rich people are sad because they did not visit Nosy Bay one day, especially when after that they receive 900€ per person. The average numebr per family was three people, i.e. they received 2.700€.
    In my case, I was with my 2 children (who by the way did not pay the cruise, as per costa policy, wherease in all other cruise they have to pay a fee) and I received 2.400€ back. What should I claim more??? What Terry and his fellows expect to claim more???
    Kindest regards
    Dieter Herk (German guest)