Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reply to Gerard Leblanc re;.. Management input etc..

Thank you Gerard for your welcome input to the discussions on our blog...
I have removed my answer to you. If you wish to take up your comments further, then I am more than happy to hear from you via my email address terry_croarkin@hotmail.com
I think this would be better than to exchange opinions so loosely on this blog. This is a blog for comments and opinions on the fail;ings of Costa not a forum or discussion board for commenting on the good people that have spent good money on a disastrous cruise
Kindest regards

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  1. Thank you Terry for your reply.
    I refer to you personally as you are the real "Deus ex Machina" or "Gota" of this community. Nothing against you personally. I am not against you or any other, I am just against some behaviours, regardless of who put these behaviours in place.
    Few comments on yuor points

    1. Thanks. Now I understand better why the situation in my country is as poor as it is.

    2. perfect, at least a small step forward. But again, are you sure you speak on behalf of at least 600 people? I strongly doubt, the full thatre contains 300 places and I don't remember sold off places during your shows. I think you are under a wrong impression

    3. Not true, the captain was at the entry door and litterally pushed up by a chorus of "Shame on you". My wife personally had a gentleman beside her whistling all time and other people using the rude words I reported.
    When the Italian contingent was about to start his meeting, lead by the cruise Director miss Clem, someone shouted "I don't care" and you personally asked 3 times to leave the theatre to allow the meeting.

    4. as above.

    5. ..sorry for holigans, at least they don't cruise. They chose other place to raise their chorus and to act as they do

    6. Facts are: the 900€ I talk about are 600€ voucher + 300€ discount straight ahead. This is exactly the request that have been addressed to the captain and which have been accepted by him the day after. If 95% of those will never sail again, I wonder why the subscribe to such a request?

    7. You are right, the captain respectfully accepted to meet you and your supporters because fortunately all other people preferred not to go on for the overall well being. But just imagine half of the cruise acts as you and your estimated supporters. How many meeting should he organise?? Or are you the only one entitled to be received by the captain?? You refer to my comment on writing to God (is not insulted by this) just to take the opportunity to insult me. Which shows you don't have any concrete argument for replying to this point, have you?

    Yes, this shows me as I am.