Friday, March 20, 2009

Those engines again

A quiet few days on this blog but a fair amount of behind-the-scenes contact between shipmates.

One interesting point that has cropped up concerns the engines. Those of us who have had replies to our letters from Costa and their agents will have found that blame for the horribly truncated cruise is being pointed at 'the sociopolitical situation in Madagascar'.

If the situation in Madagascar was so dire from 23rd to 25th February and we're currently witnessing what seems to be a coup d'├ętat in that country how it was that in the intervening fortnight things returned so completely to normal before spiralling out of control again that the Europa was able to call at all three ports there in perfect safety from 9th to 11th March. What's more, at this very moment (midday GMT on Friday 20th March) she is sitting happily in Nosy Be. That's right, in Madagascar. Funny how those pesky 'sociopolitical problems' bounce backward and forwards so very rapidly. One could become so very cynical.

No, the main problem has to have been the Europa's dodgy engine, i.e. the one that seemed to have blown a piston ring one night in our first week leaving the deck and the sunbeds littered with oily smut the next morning. We have been assured that this problem was 'not foreseeable' and was 'beyond Costa's control'.

However, word is now reaching us that the Europa 'encountered severe weather travelling from Savona to Mauritius in November when the damage to the propulsion system had occurred'.

Can this possibly be true? Might the Europa had been 'limping' during our cruise due to a known and unresolved problem?

Maybe the Costa staff who read this blog might like to comment?


  1. Hi Terry and shipmates,the spartans held off a force of 1 million,the sas work in fours,we will fight as 69 Can you all enter your comments on this site is well used by cruisers,320 have already looked at our comments,which will influence many in the future. We are just about to e mail watch dog,does any body know if costa sail out of britain?ie meet at the docks micky and jo

  2. I don't know if you are still watching but since leaving Mombasa, Europa has changed course 4 times and is now finally headed up the coast! Maybe dodging pirates?