Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Adding comments

It would be really helpful if everyone could add comments to postings. Of course, comments need to avoid being libellous and should keep to facts, even if we're all still furious with Costa's incompetence.

To add a comment simply go to the bottom of the relevant post and click on 'n' comments where 'n' is the number of comments received so far. A box will open up in which you can type. I have enabled anonymous comments so that you don't first have to register with Google if you don't want to.


  1. Brilliant, we have to keep going on this. Costa must not be allowed to get away with this. I have today posted a letter to our travel agent to forward to Costa asking for a minimum of 50% off the cruise and also an explanation of the "voucher" as I don't think it's worth the paper it's written on.

  2. Terry's keeping up the pressure magnificently and what will really help him is comment made through this site - thanks!

  3. We were two of the 13 Americans on board this cruise from Hell! Before we started missing the advertised ports we had air-conditioning problems in our cabin. It took six different calls to finally fix the problem even though the temperature was not as we wanted. It was just bearable. We also had no cold water for one day.

    We paid $4500 just for our airfare to go half way around the world to see Lemurs in Madagascar. It came down to a choice of stopping in Nosy Be or stopping in Reunion Island. We had no choice since Costa allowed French passengers to deviate from the advertised cruise and get on/off in Reunion because the airfare was cheaper for them to fly there instead of flying to Mauritius! This is outrageous since most of the passengers were on this cruise to see Madagascar.

    We have traveled with Costa previously and knew better than to expect very much but had no idea it would be this bad. We have traveled on more than 50 cruises/land tours to 150 countries/places in the world and this has been the worst trip ever.

    Knowing that in our lifetime we'll never get to experience Madagascar again has been very heart-wrenching since that was the main reason for this cruise.

    I would like to leave on a positive note:
    Costa has some of the best itineraries in the world if you don't mind giving up all the amenities you're used to getting on the major cruise lines such as excellent food, roomy cabins, good shows, reasonably priced tours, and friendly officers.

  4. I was on the Indian Ocean cruise 31.1.09- 14.02.09 The 1st we knew of the cancellation of the Comoros was a type written note on the bunk on arrival.No explanation or apology.
    The European crew were rude & arrogant from the Captain down.Simon the English speaking Rep was useless.Over 900 of us signed a petition but ,as yet got nowhere.We too should be compensated & certainly NOT with Costa vouchers!!Please add me to your list

  5. Well, is difficult to post comments here, as Slow Learner says that hostil comments will be deleted. So: Terry is fantastic, Slow Learner is great, Costa is an awful company and I propose that all ship mates collect some money to start a new company: a new cruise company lead by Terry and Slow learner. Please keep us posted when this happens so we can immediately book a trip on that.