Friday, March 6, 2009

Piracy and the Europa

On the subject of piracy, a member of the Costa crew told one of our fellow passengers that when the Europa was sailing from Italy to Mauritius it was actually chased by a Somalian pirate ship in the Bay of Aden.

The Europa easily outpaced its pursuers, but it's hard to avoid wondering what would have happened if the starboard engine had given up the ghost at that stage? Quite chilling to contemplate, don't you think?

This crew member also pointed out a cargo ship docked just behind the Europa in Mombasa. It was the MV Faina, and it was the ship carrying Russian weapons and tanks that had been actually captured by Somalian pirates. It was released on payment of a ransom, the captain having died on board, and only arrived in Mombasa on 12th February, just before we left Mauritius.

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