Thursday, March 5, 2009


The three of us look very cheerful at dinner, don't we? To anyone who'd suggest that this shows that in reality we had a wonderful cruise and just have it in for Costa I'd simply say, 'Wartime Spirit'.
Terry, the coordinator of the English-speaking group but who's now representing a far wider constituency than this as more and more offended Costa 'customers' get in touch with him, is on the left - I'm sure that many if you will recognise him.

David (that's me) is in the middle. I'm collating the horror stories and posting them here so that people can compare experiences and see that they were not alone in having issues with Costa over and above the massacred itinerary.

Bill is on the right, and it was his lovely wife Jean who took this photo. As the cruise progressed we and our wives became good friends and managed to find humour in the dreadful food that kept finding its way out of the kitchen and on to our table.

More about the food later.

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  1. My wife and I are leaving for Mauritius to join the 14Mar sailing on the Europa. Any suggestions? We're not what I would call extreme but do expect a certain level of cleanliness and good operating procedures. Any thoughts would be appreciated