Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Europa Position Reply to comment by Dieter Herk

Thanks for your comments Dieter posted March 17, 2009 on "Eoropa position"
I have removed my reply to you from this Blog.
If you wish to continue your discussion, I am happy for you to contact me via my email address terry_croarkin@hotmail.com
This blog is for the purpose of all the unhappy passengers who endured a disastrous cruise of Costa.
It was not intended to be a discussion board, purely a blog for all the unhappy passenger, of which they are many.

Kindest Regards

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  1. Dear Terry,
    thanks for your reply, which is nice that appears as a front page post and not as a comment, simply because you are the master of the blog. So, first thing, instead of posting a comment you open a clear and visible reply. Is not fair to play like that. so I would expect, being you a gentleman, that this post will appear on next updating of the blog as "Dieter Herk reply to Terry's reply".
    would like to be more precise:

    I did not insulted anyone, if this appears because of my lack of perfect english, don't have any problem in apologizing.

    You reiterate that you speak and write and complain on behalf of the majority of the passengers. You act on behalf of majority of people in the blog, or, in the best case on behalf of the British contingent. This is not the majority of passengers. There were Germans, French, Spanish, Italians etc..I know that normally you consider non existing anything outside the Island, but I can grant you, there are also other people on the world.

    A real open blog, accepts also "sad" comments. Otherwise is not a blog, is just a one voice comment. But I ackonoledge that my "sad" comments are not what this blog is about. So I will refrain from posting any other reply. Be sure this will be the last, so that you can continue to post favourable comments.

    For three times you say that I insult and treat my comment as "sad". Please have a look at the post "an honorauble man" where, with the most horrible sarcasm, the blog makes joke of Sicilian origins of the captain (don't know whether someone ask permission to publish pictures of him) to ask him to resign.

    I am not willing to ask for more money not because my children have been refunded (exactly as any other family having children on the boat)but simply because a lot of people, not only myself, thing that bad things can happen and overall, the cruise was not that bad. If you think the treatment we recived is awful, I am happy for you. You must leave in paradise. In this case, since you have a lot of time, please go on, and best wishes.

    Finally, I read your reply to Gerard Leblanc, and agree with you that he should have left God aside from this matters... but COME ON TERRY,WHERE ARE YOU COMING FROM???.. The point he raised is right. imgine 1200 people hanling letters to the captain and ask for separate meetings...

    Once again, sorry if any of my comments have been interpreted as insults, was really not in my intentions.

    Kindest regards